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Oh, Nikki...really!?!?!?!

So Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has thrown his name on a product.  This is nothing new...rockstars have been endorsing products since KISS started the whole craze nearly 40 years ago.

The problem is WHAT Nikki is endorsing...I think he could do a little better than this:




Remember when BluBlockers were endorsed by the guy below???  Tough shoes to fill Nikki.

Addicted to These Ladies?!?!?!!

So some guy actually took the time to track down the girls that were in the Robert Palmer video "Addicted to Love".

You know you watched sat there with your eyes glued to the screen.

Welcome back!!!

You beautiful piece of heavenly cream filled goodness!!!



Hello Marth Quinn!!!!

We all remember Martha Quinn as the quirky girl next door VJ on MTV's early days, she's lookin' kinda hot!


martha quinn feature


Quinn and the other original VJ's have put out a book and are spilling some dirt, including the fact she made a measly $26,000 in the early days of MTV.  Find it in stores now.


27 Club

On July 3rd 1969 and 1971 the world lost two rock and roll legends.


In 1969, Rolling Stones founding member, Brian Jones was found dead in his pool.  Two years later, Jim Morrison, the lead singer for the Doors was found dead in a bath tub in Paris, France.


Two of the famous members of the 27 club.


They'll Be Back!!!

Looks like the new Terminator movie is going to happen.  Look for it to open up in 2015. 


It's still not known if Arnold Schwarzenegger will make an appearance.  The franchise has earned over $1 billion dollard since 1984


He will be back: ‘Terminator’ gets reboot

Who's up for cupcakes!!!!

Two kinds of people will be jealous

Oh, Danica!!!!

Looks like Danica not only has trouble on the track, but also at the rental car store.

I'm sure her sponsor is pleased to see her roll up to the track at Sonoma in a FORD!!!!


You'll recall she drives a chevy for Stewart-Haas racing.  Yikes!




This is the face...

of an NBA champion...or in the words of NBA commisioner David Stern, an NBA Champeen.


This ain't your dad's NBA anymore. :)



Normally I'm anti-selfie, butt...

Most of the time, I'm against the selfie.  The art of taking a self portrait with you cell phone.

However, when you're actress Sophie Vergara I say...selfie away!!!!

Well done, Ms. Vergara.


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