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Chicks with Balls!!!

What is it about soccer (and World Cup soccer) that reels me in hook line and sinker.  I think I started watching World Cup soccer in 1996...I was in college then and had a lot of time to waste in the middle of the day watching a random game featuring say Argentina and the Czech Republic.  I also had time to kill at night cruising the University of Tennessee strip scoping babes and pounding down dollar beers, but that is a story for another day.

Toilet Etiquette

Wanted to pass along a few time honored "rules" of the bathroom...consider it a refresher course, if you need it. -dodger


Here's a rundown of some sins you must never commit when using a public restroom:

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th. 

Oh, and I would like to thank everyone that shoots off fireworks after 9pm...c'mon man!

So have fun and keep your bottle rocket remains out of my yard.

Have you noticed I'm a bit of an old fuddy duddy.



Damn You Gas Prices!!!!

On the way into the station today I passed gas at $ 2 stations I passed were up to $3.59!!!  So I keep driving hoping that the next couple of stations I come to haven't jacked up prices yet...but NO! 

Real or Reality????

Ok, so like everyone else in the world I've been sucked into "reality" television.  It all started with the first season of The Real World on MTV and has continued to this day, nearly 15 years of "reality" crap.  Now don't get me wrong, I do have standards...No Jersey Shore, No Paris Hilton and No dating shows that don't involve Bret Michaels.

Quote of the Fest!

After spending a few days hangin' out with some great WABX rockers down at Shrinersfest, I was able to witness what I believe is the "Quote of the Fest".   I'll tell that story now.

SO, I standing by the WABX tent with our Promo Assistant Mark and a guy and his wife come up to chat and sign up for Holiday World tix...they also have their 6 year old daughter with them.  Real nice couple and a cute kid, Dad is looking over the WABX truck and checkin' it out (hell it's bad ass, of course he's checkin' it out).

One Rockin' Weekend!!!

Greeting all,

Is it hot enough for ya???

Well the action is heating up around the Tri-State (ok, enough with the puns).

I'm excited to see what Shrinersfest brings.  Gates open up Thursday at 11am and the party goes on all weekend.  Hell, you can even find your favorite rock station down there (of course, I'm assuming that is WABX).

VH & DLR Back for Another Go!!!


Got some extra vacation time???  Well you may want to head to the land down under for a vegimite sandwich and a day of ROCKIN' with Van Halen!!!!

Hope this means a new CD is right around the corner.


Bob Seger Tour Finally Underway!!!

So the "King of Blue Collar Rock" Bob Seger has finally taken his show on the road.

Here's the set list from his first show in Toledo, Ohio.

Bob Seger's opening night set list:

Top 10 All Time Live Acts

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have topped a readers poll of the best live act of all time. The site says, "When Springsteen began performing with the E Street Band in 1972, it was a four man-group...

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