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Part 2: From Steven's Rock Calendar: 9-17-67 Rock TV Makes History

READ PART ONE: The Doors on Ed Sullivan

After Ed Sullivan, it was time for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour with tonight's special guests, The Who.

As I wrote in my Club Dead blog:

From Steven's Rock Calendar: 9-17-67 Rock TV Makes History (Pt.1).

In September 17th's Rock Calendar on Twitter (not so subtle cross-plug there) I note that this day in 1967 was a pivotal one for rock music and television. On this one night, at a time when rock music on TV was still a rarity, The Doors and The Who each gave performances so memorable that handsome, virile radio people still blog about them some 43 years later.

Encore: Classic Rock and the Eternal Rock

Earlier this week, Alice Cooper reported that Kerry Livgren of Kansas is recovering nicely from a severe stroke. Kerry is a devout Christian, and I'm certain his faith has been instrumental in helping him deal with the struggle.

I mentioned this on the show tonight, and I was reminded of this entry from last Easter, about rockers who have strong-rooted faith.

LINK: Classic Rock And The Eternal Rock

NFL Rule Changes - overtime and more

This is the official video sent from the NFL office outlining the rules changes for this season.

We've heard about the new rules for overtime, but there are other differences this year, such as restrictions of hits to "defenseless players."

Sorry to those who hate the Broncos... couldn't find this on the Colts' site... Steven K


Bon Jovi concert injury not serious

 (AP) Jon Bon Jovi was able to finish a concert in his home state of New Jersey despite tearing a calf muscle toward the end of the show. Bon Jovi injured himself during the band's 2 1/2-hour concert at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford on Friday night. He then limped back on the stage for an encore, "Livin' On A Prayer."

Kim and Dodger from WABX at the Easter Seals LemonAid Stand

Thanks to all the rock workforce who came by to support Easter Seals at the 15th Annual LemonAid Stand today (6/18), and to everyone in our South Central Media family who helped make it happen.Especially big props to John David, Theo and Henry Mitz, and their mom Nora, who hosted the event. Every bit of the money raised will go to Easter Seals of Southwestern Indiana toward therapy for Tri-Staters

Here are Kim and Dodger showing off of couple of the items available though the silent auction

LOST's Final Episode: Best Cheeseburger Ever..OR At Least We're Not In Cleveland

SPOILER WARNING: If you're a LOST fan, and you've not yet watched Sunday's final episode, stop reading now. Bookmark this page and return after you've seen it.

Thanks for missing me

A personal message: Just wanted to let you know I'm back home after spending five days in the hospital. I had some swelling in my legs, and the doctor wanted to drain it off. Sounds a lot more serious than it really is.

I've been procrastinaing about having it done, but I'm glad I fanally went through with it. I hadn't said much about it until I could see how it was going. Good news is that it went well and I'll be back on the air tomorrow night.

Happy Follow Friday on Twitter

Happy Follow Friday to Twitter users. Fridays on Twitter are known as Follow Friday, when we pass along recommendations of cool people to follow. Seems my FF tweets increase each week, so I decided to put them all in one list and reduce the clutter. 

From Rolling Stone: Band members speak out about Runaways movie

The Runaways opens in wide release this weekend and audiences across America will get a good look at Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning as the leaders of the Seventies girl-punk icons, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie

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