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Rescue your best buddy!

RESCUE AN ANIMAL IF YOU CAN!!! The rottweiler I adopted last year from Another Chance For Animals is my best buddy and I love her dearly. She helped to heal my heart after I lost my dear friend a few months before. She sleeps at the foot of my bed every night.

BUT, every single day brings more animals who need your help. There are puppies, full grown dogs, males and females, large and small. They are sitting in concrete cages right now, trying to figure out what they did wrong. I guarantee you they will appreciate you.


My rottweiler looked to be playing a game of Whack-A-Mole in the back yard. In front of her, a small frog leapt fervently and stayed just ahead of the pouncing paws. I grabbed the frog and gently sat him back down outside the doggies reach. My dog looked at me as if I'd just told a potential date that she still wets the bed. - Sean

My grandpa and the Shelby AC Cobra...

It was the early 1960s and my grandpa sold new Fords at a small Kentucky dealership. A representative of Carroll Shelby's brought a new Shelby AC Cobra to the lot for the locals to see. They left it overnight. My grandfather and another salesman "borrowed" it and raised a little hell. They vowed they would take it back out the next night and see if they could break the 160 mph speedometer. The next day, it moved on to another town and they never got their second chance.

How to NOT hit a motorcyclist. How to not get hit on your motorcycle.


How to not hit a motorcyclist:

- Perform a visual check for motorcycles by checking mirrors and blind spots before entering or exiting a lane of traffic, and at intersections.
- ALWAYS signal your intentions before changing lanes or merging with traffic.
- Don't be fooled by a flashing turn signal on a motorcycle – motorcycle signals are often not self-canceling and riders sometimes forget to tur<

Blessing of the Bikes 2012!

I ventured out into the 93 degree heat on Sunday to attend the 2012 Blessing of the Bikes at the Newburgh Lock and Dam. It gets a little toasty in a full-face helmet, jacket, gloves and boots, but I'd rather dress for the crash and not the ride. The turnout was HUGE! I saw several friends and made some new ones.

Thanks to God and Bob Carroll for blessing the bike. I wear my ribbon and sticker proudly!

I'm naked on the radio.


Summer 2011

I rev slowly through first and reach for the Muncie's shifter. Click. I dump the clutch with a short squeal and a stab of the throttle. The Firestone Gum Dipped Cokers light and I'm off. Sliding just a few degrees to the right and hazing the tires, I gently aim the '40 Ford wheel in the direction of the slide. The roadster straightens and continues chirping sporadically. I stomp the clutch and reach for third.

Mario Andretti interview at about 5:25 pm today!

Mario Andretti will be in the area tomorrow (Thursday) and you can meet him! Listen to my interview with him today at about 5:25pm. I'll tell you where to go and how to get an autograph from the RACING LEGEND!


Until further notice, we'll see you at Fast Eddy's on Wednesday nights and at Beef O'Brady's in Newburgh on Friday nights for BIKE NIGHTS! It's summer and it's time to ride!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

My ability to express the love, admiration and respect I have for my father is woefully inadequate. His number one goal in life was to raise his children properly. Dad, you gave me a great example of how a man should live his life. I hope I've made you proud.

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