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Got to break in the new hotrod engine last night. Nothing like 3 twos on an aluminum-headed 355 with open headers. Dead sexy.


A fighter jet just flew by about 50 feet above my head. I need one of those damn things.

Shrinerfest 2011!

It has begun! We will be broadcasting from the festival all weekend! Come down and see us! We will be very close to the Budweiser area (imagine that!), close to Main and Riverside.

It's hotter than...

It's hotter than a freshly fantastically frigged fox in a forest fire.

It's hotter than...

It's hotter than satan's crotch in sweat pants.

The days are getting longer!

I'm on the air weekday afternoons from 2 until 7. That means I watch the sun go down from the Rock Penthouse during the cooler months and it's still up when I leave in the summer months. Lately, I've noticed that the days are getting longer. You know what that means, right? It means MARCH is only about 3 freakin' weeks away! That is so breathtakingly awesome that I can't even describe it. Chant it with me...SUMMMER! SUMMER! SUMMER! 

Okay, I've got a cold...

It seems as if everyone is sick these days. I came down with a cold a few days ago and I've been complaining steadily ever since. I'm not a good sick person. I sniff and groan constantly. I let everyone know how crappy I feel. Ugh. I'm gonna shut up now! 

Car painting and your brain

A buddy and I painted a car in my garage over the weekend. The whole house smells like I imagine a meth lab would smell. Being unexperienced with painting cars (or meth labs), I had no idea how complicated the procedure could be. There are sooo many steps and constant cleaning of the surface. I have infinite respect for body shop people now. I wonder when the hallucinations will subside. Jim Morrison and I have been discussing making an album together all day. He has some good ideas, but those leather pants are the funk! Can someone hook a brothuh up with some Febreze?

SNOWGASM 2011!!!!

It was a difficult drive to the Rock Penthouse today. Not because of the freshly-fallen 2-4 inches of snow, but because I was driven to deep introspection. As my lifted 4x4 plowed through the bodies of bloated and frozen vegetarians, I contemplated my own mortality. Why did I survive while those spindly okra-eaters bite the big nanner?

Livin' in the country...

My GF got me some cool binoculars for Christmas. They take digital pics! I've been watching and waiting to get some cool pictures of the deer that frequent my backyard. I can always tell they've arrived because my dog starts growling in a low, menacing way. It's not like she's PO'ed at them, just bothered that they are in her yard. If I can ever get some cool pics of them, I'll post them here! 

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