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IRON MAIDEN ON TOUR! But, you're gonna have to drive...

Iron Maiden have announced details of their upcoming album and North American tour.

Called 'The Final Frontier', the LP will be released in the summer and is the legendary rock band's 15th studio album.

Playing in support of the album, the band will begin a 22-date tour of North America, begining with a show in Dallas, Texas on June 9.


I've been going a little crazy. People have been showing up at The Rock Penthouse with flyers about their upcoming bike runs and meets. I finally got off my butt over the weekend and managed to get the bike together and started. It's been a long road! I'll be taking it to get tuned and dynoed soon. Spring is now allowed to happen. lol

Spring has sprung!

I know I'll regret this, but I truly believe that spring is here. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, kinda like a hot babe in a bar who is actually staring at the guy behind you, but I think this time it's for real. It's supposed to reach into the high 50s this weekend. That, for me, is super sweet. The motorcycle is almost back together and I'm ready to ride. Folks have been dropping by the studios with flyers for their upcoming charity rides and Blessing of The Bikes events across the region. It's in the air!!! Woohoo!!  

The turbo's connected to the cylinder head...

...the cylinder head's connected to the engine cases, the engine cases are connected to the crankshaft, the crankshaft's connected to the transmission, and the transmission's connected to the output shaft, and the output shaft's connected to the sprocket, the sprocket's connected to the chain, the chain's connected to the rear sprocket, the rear sprocket's connected to the wheel, the wheel's connected to the tire, the tire's connected to the ground (most of the time).

The 'Busa is coming together!

Some of you may remember the turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa build from last year. I took it to a race in Texas and went 200.917 mph on it. It was a huge rush. With the help of about a billion people and local companies, I am going to try to go faster this fall. Last time the bike had 287 hp, this time I'm shooting for about 450 hp. I'd like to reach 225 mph in a standing mile. I'll keep you guys updated as the project approaches fruition. Cool?

For the gearheads out there:

February is HALF OVER!

Man, I can't wait for spring. The snow that's on the ground right now is the same snow that's been there for weeks! WTH???

Valentine's Weekend!

Well guys, we survived. Mine was actually quite nice. My GF and I had a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant and exchanged gifts. She got me a very nice necklace and I got her a helmet.....WHAT?

Is it SPRING YET???????

I went to a local motorcycle dealership this morning and wandered in and out of the rows of sport bikes. I have to do that now and then to maintain my sanity. As I meandered around the bikes, it occurred to me that March is only two weeks away. For me, March means spring. True, it's typically not warm enough to ride, but it sure is getting close to it! Next time you're feeling crappy about the cold, drop by a local bike or car dealership and dream for a while. It helps! 

Twofer Tuesday!

I LOVE this day! All day long, we play two in a row from all of the rockin'-est rockers that ever rocked! Sit back and chill....and ROCK!!

How much will we get?

The forecast is for 1-3 inches of snow. Remember last week when they said we'd get an inch and we got 8? lol

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