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Snow for Washington, DC!

Awesome news! If they get the 24 inches that's been forecast for DC, the politicians will have to STAY THE HELL HOME.

Something to ponder...

If you're burned out on winter, think about this: in 26 days it will be March! Me likey!!!

Alice Cooper BACK IN THE DAY!!! VIDEO!


Is it just me or does the BOTD look like she is extremely agitated? I wonder why...Maybe she'd rather be somewhere else? Maybe the photographer just dropped his pants? Maybe she just heard about the groundhog forecasting another 6 weeks of winter? Hmmm....

Kentuckiana Motorcycle Showdown!!

I went to the Kentuckiana Motorcycle Showdown at the Centre yesterday (Saturday). Very cool. The show is not just about Harleys or cruisers, although there are some SWEET Harleys and cruisers there! It also features a swap meet area, used bikes for sale, motorcycle dealers from across the region and even roller girls! It was a blast! I saw a lot of WABX Workforce Rockers there as well as many of my riding buddies. It sure was nice to talk about bikes for a while before heading back into the snow!

Holy crap, the SUN IS SHINING!

The Rock Penthouse is perched high above the city in a very cool converted mansion. From this studio, I can see the bend in the river, the tall buildings, the hills across the river and cars passing on the Lloyd. For the last week or so, all I've seen is a gray, misty funk that has encompassed the whole area. We're on the home stretch, people! February starts next week! That means only 28 days until MARCH, SWEET MARCH! Woohoo!!!

The Hayabusa gets an upgrade!

A big thanks goes to Velocity Racing, SAE Outlaw Performance, Schnitz Racing, MPS Racing, 034 Motorsport, RC Components, MTC, Dan Badger, John Noonan, Johnny Cheese, Chris Iovine, Dusty and many more friends for kicking the Hayabusa up a notch. For those of you who were not aware, I took the bike to the Texas Mile last year and went 200.917 miles per hour in a standing mile. While that's quite an accomplishment, I'd like to go faster. Last year the bike had 287 whp, this year we're shooting for close to 500. I'd like to go 225 mph next time.

Groundhog Day is THIS MONDAY!

Groundhog Day is here! No, not the movie...although they'll probably do a marathon of some sort. This monday a groundhog will emerge from its secret underground lair, wonder "WTF?" and then scamper back underground. He will then be pulled out by his tail, forced to pose for pictures and even smile...if a groundhog can do such a thing. He will then have several people in tuxedos proclaim that he either saw his shadow or didn't. Punxatawney Phil will then be released to go back to eating grubs and watching American Idol. What a life!! The coolest thing about Phil?

Going home...

I ventured back to Kentucky with my girlfriend over the weekend. It was the first time I had driven through the horse farms, with their 3-rail fences and grazing thorobreds, in at least 20 years. While many places had changed, the most important places hadn't. We stopped at Columbia steak house for ribeyes. Whew, thankfully that part of the city's heritage was intact! My parents used to stop there in the 1950s. We also drove by the Parkette Drive-In, which has been serving burgers and fries to customers in everything from DeSotos to Hyundais for over 50 years.

Friday RULES!

Most people cherish their weekends off, but I must admit, I'd rather be on the air. Who wouldn't love this gig? All I do is sit in the Rock Penthouse and flip through the pages of the Rock Babe calendar, screw around on and listen to killer classic rock! They say the key to happiness is not having everything you want, it's wanting everything you have. That sums up my gig here. Just in case I don't say it often or loudly enough...damn , I love this place.

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