An 18-beer salute: Steven's New Year's Eve

And now, shall we gather 'round the glow of the radio, and hear the tale of Our Steven's New Year's Eve?



I figured as I were spending New Years' Eve alone,  I could embark on a project to give myself the illusion of accomplishing something. Yes, despite all my accomplishments for the year, as chronicled in my LIFE 4.0 blog, I would exit 2011 the same way I enterered it. alone.

I ended up housesitting for friends, just me, Dick Clark (see Beer Four, below) their cat (see Beer Nine), an 18-pack of a popular malted beverage, and Twitter.

This is where you say "oh, shit!" in that cautious, please-don't-let-Steven-do-what-I-know-he's-going-to-do sort of way. 

As we all know, alcohol and the internet make for jolly fun. So here's what I came up with. If it sucks, that's even more reason to motivate me to start working now to get a date for December 31, 2012. I thank you.


  • My Tweets throughout the night:


  • Been a great 2011. I have 18 beers. Each beer tonight is dedicated to someone. Beer One is for everyone who made my path easier in 2011


  • Beer Two tonight is for everyone who made my path rougher in 2011, and forced me to draw from within to summon strength.  



  • Because he's on TV right now, Beer Four is for Dick M*F* Clark. I've been watching him since American Bandstand when I was a kid.


  • Beer Five tonight is for my best friend @ColtsGirlK who helped me accomplish so much in 2011. She's not here, though, so pffft. :(


  • Beer Six is for my 2nd best friend @KristiLynnerd. She helped me wake up & live again. She's not here tonight, either. Notice a pattern? Me, too 




  • Beer Nine tonight is for Jade the cat, lying on the bed here @ my friend's house. That'll be the only pus.. no, not even I can tell that one


  • Beer Ten is for my friend Lew, driving from Terre Haute (EST) to Evansville (CST) tonight, for going from 2011 to 2012 and back into 2011.


  • Beer Eleven is for _______ for doing me during the "Sat. Nite Free For All" in the rock penthouse while everyone was at Kim's bachelorette party


  • Re:my previous tweet, just wanna say that it sucks that my last good sex story is from 2001 or 2, hell, I can't remember. Probably dreamt it  


  • Beer Twelve is for the letters "Q" and "X." I always feel sorry for those little bastards.


  • Beer Thirteen may be unlucky, so it's dedicated to everyone who's on the radio at the same time I am. If you listen to 'em, it's for u too.


  • Beer Fourteen is for America. Hell yes! If you don't like it, go live in some funny-smelling country. We won't miss you. Yes, I AM a redneck


    • Beer Fifteen is for all the waitresses & cooks at ShowMe's who kept me in wings the past two years. Thanks 4 keeping the kitchen open late.


    • Beer Sixteen is for anyone I piss off in the coming year. Pay it forward


    • Beer Seventeen is for the men and women of our US Armed Forces at home and around the world. I am a dork for taking this long to salute them


    • Beer Eighteen, my final beer, is for everyone still wearing Colts colors. REAL fans don't hide when things get tough. #awshitnowimoutofbeer

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    Happy New Year, and Rock On on 2012