Bon Jovi feud ‘over by September’

Coming back: Richie Sambora
Richie Sambora says his feud with Jon Bon Jovi will be resolved soon – and thinks he could be back in the band by September.
He dropped off the band’s world tour just hours before the current leg was supposed to kick off in April.
The pair have refused to detail what’s caused the disagreement, with Bon Jovi alluding to Sambora’s previous drug issues, and the guitarist insisting he has no personal issues.
Now Sambora tells The Sun he definitely won’t be on stage when the band appear at Hyde Park on July 5. “I truly want to  be there, and I feel very sad for the fans that I won’t be performing,” he reports.
“It’s just not happening right now. Jon and I have been tight for, like, 30 years. All this is very sad and it affects so many people around us.”
Sambora calls the situation “a family drama” and insists “it will be resolved.”
He adds: “I’ll be in Paris with my daughter while the band rock the UK. But let’s see what happened at the end of summer. September’s looking good. So, maybe September.”
Meanwhile, keyboardist David Bryan says Bon Jovi believe in remaining accessible to their fans and the media.
He explains: “If you don’t want to be accessible you just don’t do interviews or talk to anybody. It’s very easy to do that – but we don’t think it gets you anything.”
And he believes one of the reasons for the band’s longevity is that they don’t rest on their laurels. “We’re out here with a new record and a new tour. We’re playing a lot of the songs from the new record.
“We like to be current and keep going. That’s our big thing: we don’t want to just keep playing Livin’ On A Prayer. We want to go forward.”