Carl Palmer knocked back Sabbath gig

Ambition: Carl Palmer
Prog veteran Carl Palmer has revealed he was asked to replace Bill Ward in Black Sabbath last year.
The heavy metal icons had to find a new sticksman after negotiations to bring Ward on board for reunion album 13 collapsed amid Tony Iommi’s cancer concerns.
The guitarist then turned to his old friend – who couldn’t accept the offer.
Palmer tells WENN: “Tony and I did talk when they were looking for drummers to make the album. He put me forward.
“I couldn’t do it because I was off with Asia. We were touring, then something else came up.
“I couldn’t have done it but I’d have loved to. It just wasn’t on the cards.”
Joining Sabbath would have fulfilled one of newly-vegan Palmer’s ambitions: “I was classically-trained, but basically I’m a rock drummer, and I’ve never been in a true out-and-out guitar band like Black Sabbath,” he says.
“I was late coming to heavy metal. Asia had a bit, but were a little bit more corporate rock and melodic.
“Just big riffs, very simple but very dynamic, would be extremely invigorating. The older I get, the more I appreciate that music.”
Sabbath producer Rick Rubin suggested Ginger Baker for the drumstool before the band went for Rage Against The Machine’s Brad Wilk – and nearly regretted it.
13 was released in June and the band tour the UK in December, with bassist Geezer Butler having said it might be their final trip.