Jimmy Page in rap mash-up

Work in progress: Page at the Classic Rock Awards last week
Jimmy Page has embraced the crossover vibe by merging Led Zeppelin classic Ramble On with a 1990s rap hit.
The result, based on Notorious BIG’s Hypnotize, is called Ramblize – listen to it via Page’s Soundcloud account.
He previously collaborated with Puff Daddy for 1998′s Come With Me, for which he re-recorded his guitar riff from Kashmir.
Page is nearing completion of his Led Zeppelin remastering project. After his appearance at the Classic Rock Awards he told TeamRock Radio: “Each of the albums has been remastered, but it also has a companion disc with it.
“There’s different versions. Say, for example, there’s Since I’ve Been Loving You – there’s an incredible version of that which is totally different. It’s really raw in its approach, it’s quite dramatic, it’s cool.
“That’s one little item, but it gives a companion disc to Led Zeppelin III. Each disc will give a really intimate picture of the group. That’s the idea, and I think it’s successful.”
He was present at the ceremony to receive Film Of The Year for Led Zep’s Celebration Day, and to present Wilko Johnson with the Innovator award.
Page said of the ex Dr Feelgood guitarist, who’s living with terminal cancer: “Wilko’s got the whole package – and he’s more fun to watch than me.”