Lars Ulrich flogs SodaStream on eBay

Remember SodaStreams? The 70s soft-drink approximator? Yeah, well they still make em. And Metallica use em. Course they do.

And now YOU can buy Lars Ulrich’s and save the world.

That’s right. Imagine. The very Sodastream Lars uses to knock up Rob a Highland Fizz (their version of Irn-Bru) when he’s feeling a bit down. The one he used to calm down Kirk with a refreshing glass of Dr Pete (a Dr Peppers knock-off, we assume). The one James almost broke in his efforts to make a litre of Jim Beam fizzy!*

Oh ok. He just signed it. But it is for a good cause and, seriously, it’s got to be the coolest Sodastream in the world. Here’s the PR gumpf:

“Fans of Metallica can bid to win their very own SodaStream signed by Lars Ulrich. An online auction has been launched with all proceeds raised going to the environmental charity 5 Gyres.

Bidders have until Monday 21st October at 10pm EST.

SodaStream allows you to turn tap water into sparkling water and flavored soda in seconds. With its sleek, high tech design, it’s the ultimate must-have appliance for the gadget-savvy.

The proceeds raised from the auction will go to 5 Gyres, a non-profit, environmental organization dedicated to raising awareness and tackling the issue of plastic marine pollution. There are 1 billion bottles and cans dumped in parks, landfills and oceans every day… join Lars in the fight against plastic pollution.”

*Fo someone else, obviously. James doesn’t drink.