Maiden booked over a year ago

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Download festival promoter Andy Copping has revealed he booked Iron Maiden as tonight’s headliners long before last year’s event had taken place.
And he’s told how he has to “get a bit shitty” with bands who believe they deserve to be further up the bill than the slots he offers.
Copping says: “I’ve actually had Maiden booked since well before Download 2012. They first played here 25 years ago, and since they’re doing the same set it was just total common sense to get them.
“They always deliver; they always play the hits; they’ve got so many loyal fans and they’re as big and as strong as they’ve ever been.”
Maiden are midway through their retrospective Maiden England tour, celebrating the music of 1987 album Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. Tonight’s Download show, which kicks off at 8.50pm, is their only British appearance of the year.
Meanwhile, Copping says it’s “bizarre” that almost every outfit he talks to think they should headline the main stage.
He explains: “A lot of negotiations are over where a band will appear – who’s playing above and below them. Are they a headliner? Bizarrely, all acts seem to think they are.
“Sometimes you have to get a bit shitty with them: ‘This is what you did on your last tour, this is how many records you’ve sold, you haven’t grown in stature. This is where you slot in – bite my arm off and kiss my arse.”