Motorhead cancel all Euro dates over Lemmy’s health

Motorhead have cancelled the remaining shows of their European tour as a result of mainman Lemmy’s health issues.
But drummer Mikkey Dee has vowed they’ll be back at full force in time to promote upcoming album Aftershock.
The band called off a handful of gigs last month after Lemmy suffered a haematoma – and while he hoped to return to the stage in a matter of days, doctors in a Berlin hospital have told him to remain in bed for a few weeks.
Dee tells Aftonbladet: “It all started when he received a nasty blow to the hip. Then in the Royal Kensington in London a fire alarm went off – he had to go eight floors at night. It was hopeless.”
The result was a “snowball effect” of health problems, the drummer continues. “He needs to drain fluid from the body, and it can’t be done too quickly. While you’re lying down and can’t move you can easily get pneumonia.
“He’s so sad – it has a greater effect on him than it would have on someone else. It’s like chopping the hands off a pianist.
“He’s on the mend; however, it takes longer for him.”
Motorhead have sent their crew and equipment home, and Dee jokes that he’ll spend the summer doing more fishing than usual as a result of the unexpected time off.
“We are terribly sorry,” he tells Expressen. “But we have considered this properly. Thing don’t always work out as planned. I hope our fans understand, and we’ll focus on the upcoming album and our European tour in the autumn.”