Smoke That Cigarette On TV?

There are getting to be fewer of us who vividly remember cigarette commercials. I mentioned this tonight after "Smoking In the Boys' Room." Well, I  talked myself into a cybercorner by promising to post about TV cigarette commercials. As broadcasters are forbidden from marketing cigarettes, I'm going to CMA by turning this over to my redneck peckerwood hero, the Big Howler, and post it to his Outlaw Americana blog. (link below) The legal eagles in the rock penthouse can breathe easy. Even the ones who smoke. Outlaw Americana is a private site, not part of our friendly and funky media empire here on the Hill.

NOTE: I'm not trying to open a debate on smoking. If you don't want to see cigarette ads, don't watch. As someone whose salary is financed through advertising, I'm simply making a historical note of a commercial genre which ceased to exist in America on January 1, 1971. If you want to scream about secondhand smoke, or smokers' rights, there are plenty of places to do so. This, ain't one of 'em. The Big Howler has a saying: "My barn, my rules!" So play nice or don't play. Thanks and blessings.


CLICK HERE:Classic Cigarette Commercials