Sean Roberts


Sean Roberts was born in the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, KY. He was raised amidst the 427s and Muncie 4-speeds, stealing assembly line workers' Chee-tos and Tab undetected for years. When he was 16, he stole a new t-top, 4-speed coupe and headed out on his own. After running out of gas about 400 yards from the plant, he hitchhiked to Lexington, Kentucky, where he began a career as a radio broadcaster.Now, Sean Roberts continues his maniacal ravings on the best damned radio station on the planet, WABX. Because he is lazy, he only works from 2-7 pm on the weekdays. He spends his spare time exceeding 200 mph on his modified turbo Hayabusa motorcycle and doing burnouts (when dared to do so) in his 1931 Ford Model A roadster. Sean is the reason why there is a stripper pole in the Rock Penthouse. He said it helps hem...relax when he's on the air.

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May 24, 2012

RESCUE AN ANIMAL IF YOU CAN!!! The rottweiler I adopted last year from Another Chance For Animals is my best buddy and I love her dearly. She helped to heal my heart after I lost my dear friend a few months before. She sleeps at the foot of my...

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